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Author: Xavier Gretillat, Switzerland, www.xaviergretillat.com

This is further proof that standard games can still be interesting, primarily in their most attractive form, the triathlon. The ANAG Billiard Cup took place between October 7th-9th, 2011 in Olomouc (Czech Republic), the fifth largest city in the country and the historical center of Moravia. The population of this city is over 100 thousand with almost 25 thousand students. The publishing and education company, ANAG invited six players to participate in the triathlon (team 71/2, single band and triple band). For pool fans – the ANAG Billiard Cup will also take place next year but with double number of participants.

For the first time, participants in this tournament included: the world champion Wolfgang Zenkner (Germany), the European champions Arnim Kahofer (Austria), Esteve Mata (Spain), Marek Faus (Czech Republic), Xavier Gretillat (Switzerland) and the Czech champion Martin Boháč. The tournament program was a real “bang”, because the short distances were only to 100 points in team 71/2, 50 points in single-band and 15 points in triple band! This was enough to make the players nervous…

In group A, the first match turned in favor of the world champion, Zenkner, even though Grettilat had the opportunity to change the result at any time, including team 71/2, with a beautiful sequence, blocked by the banks and the single band, where millimeters made the difference in results. It was a real nightmare! Unbelievable! Three – zero for the German. The result was a very bad start for the Swiss.
In the second match, Zenkner hesitated. He is capable of a better and worse performance and this was the worst. In three sets, he let Faus advance, for whom it was a difficult first match. The German even lost in the single band, where he gained only a 29 to 31 in 15 lead-ins.
In the third match, the Swiss had no choice, he had to win three zero again the Czech. At the beginning of the season, this was far too difficult for him. Even though in team 71/2 he played a sequence of scoring a perfect 80 points, he was missing several points, which allowed nervous Faus to finish the game in his favor. In the single band, the Swiss played a very strong sequence of 50 points in the second lead-in, which got him back into the game. Even in the triple band, where the team was very defensive, led by two equal players, finished in a tie. Therefore, the match finished in a tie. Due to weak results, the Swiss let Faus and Zenkner advance from qualification.

In group B, the Spanish and Austrian champions met in the first match. Mata immediately covered his grounds and gained 100 points in team 71/2, and the thrown-off Kahofer finished with only 34 points in 8 lead-ins in the single band and with 9 points in 13 lead-ins in the triple band.
In the second match, the Austrian was “back in shape” and beat his opponent, Boháč, very dangerous. This was the best performance of the tournament with one lead-in in team 71/2, 4 lead-ins in the single band and 4 lead-ins in the triple band.
In the last set, Mata slaughtered Boháč’s dream of advancing to played team 71/2 on two lead-ins, single band on for 7 lead-ins. The Czech managed to get one point with a tie in the triple band in 15 lead-ins.

On Sunday, Faus and Kahofer played a beautiful semifinal. The Czech won the team 71/2 with 100 to 72 with one lead-in, yet the Austrian clearly won the following single band on 4 lead-ins. The difference was clear in the triple band, where Faus was able to maintain the lead and played the sequence for 7 lead-ins. The patron of the tournament, Mr. Vitek, could be happy that his favorite made the final.

In the second semifinal, a clam Spaniard faced the nervous German. With perfect concentration, he performed a beautiful sequence of 62 points in the team, but 4 lead-ins were necessary in order for Mata to reach his 100 points. We also saw the same scenario in the single band, where, although Mata had a slow start, the world champion tied, but the Spaniard won with 4 lead-ins. A very competitive triple band finished after 17 lead-ins with a tie, salvaging the German’s honor, definitely very disappointed that he didn’t advance into the final.

Sunday’s final was sold out. In a tense atmosphere, Mata and Faus played their first match in team 71/2. The Spaniard proved to be stronger, but nothing spectacular. Then Faus destroyed Mata in the single band and finished with a sequence of 48 points in three lead-ins. Therefore, the triple band had to decide the first champion of the ANAG Billiard Cup. In the first part of the sequence Faus didn’t pull through at all and the finally, the Spaniard defeated the Czech in the match.

A big thanks goes out to Mr. Vitek, who, with his initiative proved that a sequence game can still be captivating. This event gained wide attention by the media and public. Unfortunately, it is necessary to say that organizers in Europe do not feel the same way. We would also like to thank our adoring fans, who time to time had a long wait…

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