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09. 10. 2011 ANAG BILLIARD CUP Closing ceremonial

During the weekend from 7th to 9th October 2011 the International Masters Tournament in Carom Billiard ANAG BILLIARD CUP took place in Bohemia Palace in Olomouc.

There were six world class carom players participating:
Wolfgang Zenkner (Germany) – World Champion
Xavier Gretillat (Switzerland) – European Champion, current leading Classic Masters Trophy player
Esteve Mata (Spain) – European Champion, current 2nd player of CMT
Marek Faus (Czech Republic) – European Champion, current 3rd player of CMT
Arnim Kahofer (Austria) – European Champion, first CMT 2004/2005 player
Martin Boháč (Czech Republic) – Champion of Czech Republic

Olomouc hosted a very spectacular carom triathlon that included 1 cushion, 3 cushion billiard and balk-line 71/2, respectively. The combination of these three disciplines is very difficult for the players and since 6 very experienced players were participating, anyone of them could win.

The tournament scheme divided the players into two groups where everyone played with each other. The groups were followed by quarterfinal and semifinal. The final was held on Sunday and the spectators saw the final contest between Marek Faus from Czech Republic and Esteve Mata from Spain. After very exciting match in front of a large audience and with a present of TV cameras Esteve Mata became a winner of the first edition of ANAG BILLIARD CUP. The result was 2:1 for Spanish billiard player when Mata converted the last second point at the last discipline – 3 cushion billiard.

The wish of the organizers of ANAG BILLIARD CUP is to include this tournament among the world’s top billiard tournaments. A good organization of the tournament and following social events are key factors making this tournament a very attractive sport event.


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